Radio and Electronics Amateurs Society

جمعية هواة اللاسلكي والالكترونيات
( كلية الهندسة – جامعة عين شمس – مصر)

Radio and Electronics Amateurs Society
(Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo EGYPT)

The following are a collection of photos from the early 1970s.

The Radio and Electronics Amateurs Society was formed in the 1960s at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo EGYPT to encourage students to think outside the box and be innovative in addition to learning new technologies with hands on practical approach to design, testing, packaging and presentation.

I joined the society in 1969 during my year 2 at the faculty of Engineering. With the members of the society, we used to stay in the summer holiday at the Society laboratory in the faculty of Engineering. The members start with making a big list of projects implementing some of the theories studied during the year. Projects allocated to individuals or teams of two. Components sourced mainly from scrapped electronic devices to reduce cost.

At the end of the summer holiday, the best designs are displayed in an Science exhibition/show. At the beginning it was just for the faculty students, however the following years the Society was able to display sophisticated state-of-the art designs that attracted the attention of the minister for Science at the time who opened one of the exhibitions.   The Media (TV and printed paper) were also interested. The Society and its members and their projects appeared on TV and in in Al_Ahram news paper (the most popular News Paper in Egypt).

Amongst the projects that I can remember: A digital calculator using electrical relay logic, a digital clock, a working TV showing all its components on a flat board, etc.  I’ll add more when I remember other projects. 

1970 PennantInvitation to Al_Ahram Science Club 1970Al_Ahram Science Club Show
1972 Presentation night (Dr Marzouk)Members of the Society with Prof Dr Adeeb Ghonemy and Dr Mohamed AbdelHameed SheiraDr Adeeb Ghoneemy with one of the projects and members of the society
Dr M. Abdelhameed Sheira and Mohammed HelalMembers presenting a project1972 Presentation night
1972 show: Mohamed Moneef and Mohammed Helal ProjectExcursion (Mohamed Moneef and Mohammed Helal)Members at an excursion
members at an excursionMembers at an excursionmembers with Dr Adeeb Ghonemi
members after a presentation nightmembers after a presentation night1971 Pennant
1970 pennant

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